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    The best way to discover the beauty of the island of Puerto Rico is by helicopter. Book spectacular flights with Caribbean Helicopters.

Helicopter Tours

See waterfalls and rainforest with our most popular tour! Starting out in Old San Juan, we continue this exhilarating 45-minute helicopter journey west, along the north shore. As we make our way to the center of the island take in the breathtaking views of the enchanting Puerto Rican rainforest. Flying through the deepest canyon in the Caribbean, witness the beauty of the largest waterfall in Puerto Rico, La Neibla. Seize the skies and make moments last a lifetime – experience the extraordinary with our helicopter tours.

$345 per passenger

45 minutes

This journey begins with the Old San Juan tour, but as the helicopter continues west, a new adventure unfolds. Keep an eye out for the numerous sea life species below, as we trace the picturesque coastline towards Dorado Beach. On our way back, we will explore the limestone formation of the Karst Forest before circling over the Bacardi Rum factory. This aerial excursion unveils the diverse beauty of Puerto Rico’s landscapes in a thrilling and immersive experience.

$199 per passenger

25 minutes

Soaring above Old San Juan in a thrilling helicopter tour, passengers are treated to an aerial perspective of the historic city. The vibrant colors of the colonial architecture, showcased against the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, create a breathtaking panorama. From a comfortable ride, passengers can witness the iconic landmarks that define the rich cultural history of Old San Juan.

$75 per passenger

6 minutes


Robinson R44 

The Robinson R44 is an exceptional choice for tours, boasting a perfect blend of performance and comfort. With its ability to accommodate three guests, panoramic views, and reliability, it guarantees an unforgettable aerial excursion.

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