Explore the Rainforest

Approx 45 minutes

See waterfalls and rainforest with our most popular tour! Starting out in Old San Juan, we continue this exhilarating 45-minute helicopter journey west, along the north shore. As we make our way to the center of the island take in the breathtaking views of the enchanting Puerto Rican rainforest. Flying through the deepest canyon in the Caribbean, witness the beauty of the largest waterfall in Puerto Rico, La Neibla. Seize the skies and make moments last a lifetime – experience the extraordinary with our helicopter tours.

Includes everything in the Along the Shore tour, plus:
  • San Cristobal Canyon
  • El Ancon Waterfall
  • Jesus Izcoa Bridge
  • La Neibla Waterfall
  • El Negron Waterfall

Helicopter Tour Around Old San Juan

Live guided tour with commentary

Free Parking

This adventure starts at Isla Grande Airport. You will be greeted by our ground-crew who will then help you get safely situated in your seat after an important safety briefing. Once all passengers are fastened into their seats your pilot will begin lift off.

Your journey begins by taking in the beautiful historic town of Old San Juan. Listen in to your pilots fascinating facts about the various forts and colonial architecture you’re able to see from up above. You’ll continue your journey west tracing the picturesque coastline to Dorado Beach while looking out for sea turtles, sharks and manatees below.

As we turn inland to fly over the enchanting rainforest, keep your eyes open for hidden waterfalls.Take in the awe inspiring beauty as you begin to fly through the Caribbeans deepest canyon, Canon San Cristobal. Experience a breathtaking view of Puerto Rico’s Tallest waterfall, La Neibla as your pilot flies by for an up-close experience.  End your journey with a return to Isla Grande Airport where you will be greeted once again by ground-crew to disembark.


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